I’ve eaten many dishes of gelato throughout Italy for years. Today, I ate a Blue Ice with friends. This gelato is the real deal. Most excellent. Fresh, creamy, flavorful, generous serving, absolutely Fantastico!


Met my friend there and we got to taste the NEW Watermelon! Oh My…. Think of all the delicious watermelon flavor without all the watermelon mess…. Gotta Try it!

Sharon Loper - Tucson, Arizona

The flavors are intense and higher quality ingredients can be discerned. We will drive past other places to go there. Fresh!

Marie Benson - Tucson, Arizona

Wow! Tried Blue Ice Gelato for first time today. It’s amazing, fresh, rich Gelato. Lots of unique flavors!
We sampled so many it was hard to choose. Blueberry, butter pecan, pumpkin, banana chocolate, real mint……all made with real ingredients. We like Frost Gelato, but Blue Ice tastes more authentic. It is our new “go to” place for gelato and sorbet in Tucson. The watermelon sorbet was superb (it was the only one I sampled and I can’t get it out of my head….will be back there tomorrow to get full serving). Num, num!

Brenda Robillard - Tucson, Arizona

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Leticia Elias Avatar
positive review  Friendly customer service
Leticia Elias 12/29/2018
Michelle Emmons Avatar
We just had the neatest experience at this gelato place. The owners went to Italy and studied and after they graduated from gelato University in Italy, they brought a gelato chef and came down here to teach him. This is Don, the general manager. Just the nicest guy you'll ever meet. He talked about all the love and care that goes into making these flavors, imported chocolates and fresh squeezed oranges and pure mint leaves and more. Their custom flavors that they make right there are always changing, the true Italian gelato that they have is very low sugar, and incredibly bold tastes. It was awesome!! You can really tell that this is their passion. I love that!
Michelle Emmons 2/22/2021
Terry Pettit Avatar
Incredibly consistent product and service. Perhaps the best desert in Tucson.
Terry Pettit 10/11/2020
Martha Elizabeth Pradeau Avatar
Mmmm.......BEST Gelatto ive tasted!!! So many flavors to choose from. Have to come back as many times as there are flavors!! Also Excellent customer service. Very nice manager man!
Martha Elizabeth Pradeau 7/03/2017
Bobby Carbonell Avatar
Our favorite gelato place! Absolutely blows away the run of the mill gelato. The owner and his staff are incredibly friendly and they are always willing to give samples to make sure you get something you will love.

The flavors are just incredible and always changing. They use real fruit and high quality ingredients. Hard to go anywhere else when this place is around the corner!
Bobby Carbonell 1/28/2020
michele picarelli Avatar
Wow! Delicious!! Made from scratch & one of the best things I've ever tasted in my life. He cares about his craft and it truly is the best gelato ever. Smooth and creamy and the owner was so warm and friendly. He gave us tons of samples to try, which made it fun and hard to decide because everything he had was delicious!
michele picarelli 12/09/2018
Jordyn Reinhart Avatar
This place, and the man who runs it, is absolutely wonderful. He has different gelato flavors every week, and truly cares about his craft. I can't recommend this place enough!
Jordyn Reinhart 10/02/2018
Jeremy Lendvoy Avatar
Amazing customer service, the head gelato chef and designer walked us through each flavour marvelously. Amazing experience. We will be back regularly
The Lendvoys
Jeremy Lendvoy 8/13/2018
Veronica Suarez Avatar
Amazing service! I’ve never had anyone sell me gelato the same way. Would definitely recommend to everyone! The gelato is delicious!
Veronica Suarez 3/03/2019

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